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Spunky's Super Car! Trailer


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Spunky's Super Car!

I've finished this game and handed to Collector Vision. I started last year April 2013, then hit a wall somewhere in July due to 32KB space limitation and lacking bankswitching. I recently picked it back up last week and decided to disable title screen and full screen Chariot screen to get back 8 KB to finish the last 3 level. I had space left over for the title screen and remade the Chariot scene with the help of Raccoon Lad. All of the artwork is remade by Raccoon Lad. I simply ported it over with ICVGM and CVSprite. Many hours have been spent on this game.

The comic book portion isn't going to be in the game, but it is in the mock-up I did. I really love that raccoon. However, it'll come with the product itself.

The original version was this one

And the original imaginary game is on this page on the bottom, http://www.studiopinagames.com/drpineapple/me/games.html.



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Awesome job Kiwi! Keep up the great work as we truly appreciate all your hard work coding games for our favorite system.


The game has come a long way since last year when I was fortunate to play test an early beta and I can't wait until Toby makes the announcement of when the game will be ready to purchase.

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Absolutely love the box examples and the tremedous artwork, but....


- I agree with Raccoon Lad about "Just Like The Real Arcade Game" should read "Just Like A Real Arcade Game" or "Arcade Quality Video Game" seeing as there isn't a real arcade game of Spunky's. For a perfect example, check out the CBS Smurf Rescue box... sorry to use that one as my example with all the B.S. you've had to go thru due to those little blue guys.


- I absolutely love Coleco boxes with Arcade Cabinet artwork, but only when there is a real arcade cabinet associated with the game. Maybe a bit overkill to include this one, but that's your guy's call.


If you haven't realized yet, I'll be going with the U.S. box version with artwork only and "For CV & ADAM" info bar.

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