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TG-16 Season 4

What do you want?  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. Rounds or month long

    • Month long contest with 10 games
    • Month long contest that every week 2 games are removed
    • 10 week contest with 1 game per week
    • or like last time with rounds last 2 weeks after one week another game is added

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And yeah, I'm sure that whoever nominated this game had nostalgic reasons for that, but it's not very good to put it diplomatically.


Sorry guys! that was me :-o I had no idea...


the NES game was much better, similar to Megaman & DuckTales, I assumed it would be a comparable game.

oh well, I came here to explore the games. I never played any but a small handful in the '90s.

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congrats to donpedro winning his 2nd time with 741 points

great job to s.baz and darthkur fighting for 2nd s.baz with 582 points and darth with 476 points

great job to the original and new owner of this high score club nikon with 359 points

and great job to road runner and jblenkle with 168 and 31 points


nikon if you need any help with the new season i can help

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nice push at the end DonPedro x)


I meant to as well but it didn't happen...


Thanks. There were some games I barely touched earlier in the season and felt I definitely could improve my scores. For Cratermaze I basically tried to speedrun it, still it took about 2 hours. I also thought I'd have to prematurely terminate my final Alien Crush game as getting extra balls almost felt too easy with a bit of practice. Fortunately (?) I completely messed up after a good start. But there's still one extra digit in the scoretable, so I guess a truly skilled player could play it a whole day for some monster score.


Thanks for organizing this season wolfman. Looking forward to your single player IGBY and to next TG-16 season run by NIKON.

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