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Ebay prices people paid for Jaguar stuff (Huge List!)


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My list is waaaaay more accurate and comprehensive than that one... I just had a look at your link.


Sure it is, your list is more accurate and comprehensive than actual EBay results over the last year. For example, you have AvP prices going back two months. This pathetic pricing site only has these actual results. I feel so stupid for posting a link to this site, thank you for pointing out how inaccurate this site truly is.



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You get the thumbs up from me for this list Kevin! Cheers for putting it together. It's always interesting, yet ultimately sad, just to see how the utterly braindead and borderline medically diagnosed as 'retarded' spend their hard earned cash at the end of the month.




Obviously there are cases here where people greatly overpaid


And, it's not just that. Some individuals are VERY protective when it comes to spending and, in particular, KNOWINGLY overspending on retro gaming items. Very defensive individuals who don't like to be told when they have spent too much on an item, usually because they don't like to have the finger of accountability pointed in their direction for unnecessarily raising market values on items for others. In particular, in instances whereby they have been too impatient to wait for a reasonably priced copy of an item to surface and instead went ahead and shelled out 5x... or even 10x more than it's actual worth. Such as Another World (right now, I'd legitimately say it's worth TWICE it's original price, not $600 etc, LOL), Battlesphere, Gorf etc.


The individuals who pay those sorts of prices quite plainly just don't give a shit about the effect their behaviour has on the entire market when they pay the initial ludicrous benchmark price for these items out of the gate, and the effect it has on the value of the title thereafter, always defensively playing the "item is worth what someone is willing to pay" card to salve that retarded self-rationale and conscience.


Look at the state of retro gaming this last 5 years vs it's wider popularity as a result. Douchebag, hipster idiots with too much disposable student loan to spare paying $30 for copies of Sonic on the MD because they know no better etc or sheltered 'professionals' with no social skills who get tunnel vision for a specific 'thing' or hobby for a short time, injecting stupid amounts of money into their new found love for a short time, only to offload it all in less than a year when they have burnt their interest out in record time, with no thought to how their behaviour has affected the greater hobby for the majority. I see this pattern of behaviour all the time nowadays.



Fuck those people btw...

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It's long been an ambition of mine to quickly post something on a thread just before it gets locked.

Hang out here in this Jaguar forum more, you'll get to live that ambition several times in the next few months. :lol:

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