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Lynx HSC 2014 Round 8 Klax


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The August Lynx HSC game of the month is Klax

post-22103-0-08503600-1406916248_thumb.png post-22103-0-15180200-1406916262_thumb.png post-22103-0-26664500-1406916274_thumb.png

Deadline to post scores is September 1st 2014

Settings - Easy (default) Start at wave 1 No continues
Warping is allowed at the warp screen

Lynx HSC Record is - PFG 9000 (829,400)

Bust it for a bonus point!

Side challenge -

Play another version of Klax for 1 bonus point.
One point per person

S.BAZ 163,990 (SEGA Genesis) +1 point
darthkur 134,325 (NES) +1 point
oyamafamily 93,300 (Atari 2600) +1 point
108 Stars 25,535 (SEGA Genesis) +1 point
roadrunner 7,065 (MAME) +1 point

Final High Scores -

S.BAZ 412,030 +11 points +3 points
darthkur 140,010 +10 points
roadrunner 85,710 +9 points
108 Stars 35,995 +8 points

Current Season Point Standings -

108 Stars (49)
BillyHW (31)
LX.NET (72)
PFG 9000 (24)
Tempest2k (15)
roadrunner (61)
darthkur (48)
jblenkle (13)
sirlynxalot (23)
MrBland (7)
S.BAZ (42)
DonPedro (4)
oyamafamily (3)

Link to manual -


Any corrections please post .

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For next months game I'm thinking about going with Lode Runner.

Will all our regular players be able to play it?


is there something unusual about the rom?


Klax 412030



[edit] doesn't take bitmap

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2600 KLAX - 93,300


SCREENPLAY: To get this significant score, I used the technique based on my strategy tips from the OLD 2600 High Score Club, Season 7 / Week 43 (Posts #23 and #24). I started on Wave 01 and used WARP to Wave 16 at the completion of Wave 05. URL for more details:



PICTURE: post-24681-0-90076000-1408307721_thumb.png




Picture and video sent to Roadrunner

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Sadly didn't have time this month, so I just did a quick round of Klax in emulation.




Just 35 995 on the Lynx version.


A really embarassing score, but at least I can get some points in the HSC by submitting at all.^^


For an extra point, I failed even harder in the Japanese version of Klax on Genesis, developed by Namco. This is completely different than the westen Genesis port from Tengen.




25 535 here.

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