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Kimberly shows off her Love for TI99 at a Video Game Exhibit

Gary from OPA

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Well since TI-99/4a was also my first computer, and also the main base and original focus behind the start of my first company Oasis Pensive Abacutors when I was teenager back in the early '80s, so it is sure nice to see a 'video game exhibit' that covers the love for TI99 home computer along with other classic retro gaming systems from the early '70s/80s era, so if you live in the area or planning a vacation this summer to Vancouver make sure you take time out to visit the exhibit, it will be well worth it, I am sure.


Video game exhibit designed to be played


Voll is an instructor at the Centre for Digital Media and co-curator of its Evolution of Gaming exhibit.


Kimberly Voll walks through the exhibit of decades-old computers and video game consoles, and pauses at a grey-and-black Texas Instruments TI-99/4A personal computer.



"This was my very first computer," says Voll, an instructor at the Centre for Digital Media and co-curator of the exhibit. "We got one of these around 1979. My dad had one and I used to sit on his lap and play games."


A modern projector casts, onto the wall, a colourful image of the game the computer is running: Parsec, a space shooter game. When the game ends - the player's spaceship exploding into colourful pixels - the display returns to the menu. The first option is to replay Parsec. The second, to launch the computer programming language BASIC.


"I wondered what this game BASIC was," laughs Voll, explaining the fortuitous misinterpretation that led to a career in programming. "I wanted to play it."


The TI computer, together with nearly two dozen other early gaming machines, is part of Evolution of Gaming, an exhibit that examines the history of video games. It's at the Centre for Digital Media until Aug. 10.

Read More: http://www.maxconsole.com/maxcon_forums/threads/284365-Video-game-exhibit-designed-to-be-played

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