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TI Serial Number Poker -- Do you have the winning hand?


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In all seriousness-this is now a US constructed console only competition.


The "Italian Jobs" have a wierd serial number which is a mixture of letters and numbers.


I dunno squat about those "Italian Jobs", and yes it's open to everyone. Now Poker is a strange game, when's the last time you played poker and took the winners word for it? Ya gotta see the winning hand! How did Ronald Reagan put it, "Trust, but verify". :) I thought you were kidding too.

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I have four Italian models and one US model, The US model is in storage and I have all the Italian units to hand(incidentally-I belive I was looking at the long number and not the serial number), all my Italian units have a small black sticker over the serial number that states "made and assembled in Italy etc"-I belive the serial number is actually under these stickers-I have tried removing one of the stickers and they come off in tiny fragments. :mad:

I will keep working on the one I started but I am leaving the other three "as is".(life's too short).

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