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Adventure mp3 test - FAIL


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I did an experiment with Scott Adams’ Adventure files on cassette. I took the fiad files, converted to wav. Then I converted the wav to mp3 (256k VBR), and then back to wav (8 bit mono). Then I attempted to convert them back to fiad using CS1er. The hope was the resulting fiad file would be identical to the original fiad file. It wasn’t. The converted mp3’s failed with many errors. I would imagine the TI would also fail to read the mp3 files.

It seems there is a need to make an Android app that can play the fiad files as audio, and also record audio and convert to fiad in real time. I could just go with wav, but it’s just so bulky compared to fiad. An 11k fiad file becomes 6mb!


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Converting to MP3 VBR is okay (I do it for my stuff,) but converting from MP3 to WAV is not going to produce the same as the source. As Sometimes said, MP3 is a lossy compression so even if you use the same output resolution as the original WAV you will not get the same file from MP3. In another thread I demonstrate using a VBR MP3 to load a program from my phone, so you can see the MP3 audio file does work on real iron.


If you want to save space and not lose resolution going back to WAV, convert your WAV to FLAC instead of MP3 (or even AAC as I like to use more and more.)

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