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Imagin Dental Shell


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So there is a very good chance of me being in possession of this shell and mounting plate. I want to hang it on my wall as a ridiculous display piece near my jaguar collection. But obviously it is missing a few parts if you know what one looks like, namely the handle on the top and the camera that clips onto the side of it. Im wondering if there is a way to contact Imagin and get these two parts, anybody have any ideas?



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Ooo... It would be cool to build a jaguar with that shell with the Imagin Logo on it!


Take it from me that Imagin doesn't want to hear from any more Atari fans. I think by now they must curse the day they bought those molds. Little did they know Jaguar fans would be pestering them from decades.


If you really want those parts, I would google imagin, get in touch with their corporate office and say you are a dentist who needs the replacement parts. If you say the word "Atari" that is when they stop talking to you..lol

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Yeah i figured they must be sick of it by now, i have looked on their website there is a way to order parts but i need to know the part numbers. Which i would have no idea what they would be, i need to find the owners manual or go find a dentist who has one and ask him/her verrrryyy nicely to let me have a look at the part numbers lol.

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Yeah, these are readily available on the 'bay.


[edit] Sorry...just noticed you were looking for the parts to complete the camera case itself. Nevermind. :ponder:




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