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CG's Multi-System HSC: Season 2 Round 8: Player's Choice 2/Finale


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My choice for this round is Rally-X on the MSX computer.


Game rom: Rally-X (1984) (Namcot) (J).zip



If you don't have an MSX computer the Blue MSX emulator is great. It also plays Colecovision roms as well. Even the new "mega-carts".


Link to Blue MSX: http://www.bluemsx.com/






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ZOOM! 159820




same here! I died at the very same level :lol:
Yeah it's harder the next time through for sure. Stage 5 is hard even the 1st time though. I think I lost about 6 lives on that screen, level 5 x 1


so you played for 2+ hours too? x]


It looks like I must have burned about 25 or 26 more lives than you did, I guess I lost them while pushing for extra points :P

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S. BAZ - 78

Darthkur - 74

classicgamer - 53

roadrunner - 40

NIKON - 28

Mister VCS - 4

DonPedro - 4

I score last place gets 1 point, next to last 2 points, and so on.


I may start a SNES high score contest after the medal challenges in the Atari HSC.

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