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A better mario bros for atari 2600


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What might work is to have the playfield data in RAM and cut out a 2 or 3 pixel hole out where the punch was occurring. 2 playfield pixels if the player's x position was divisible by 4, otherwise it'd have to be 3. If it was 3 then missile0 and the ball could be positioned on either side of Mario to fill in the gap.


Of course that only works for a 1 player game.

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Am I'm missing something here?




It looks like you're using 2 colors (cyan and black) for the player on two of the scanlines, which isn't possible.


Yes. You're right. Put my foot in my mouth again, forgetting the playfield would show through a blank sprite space!


You could also compromise by doing a black line above the player which will mask any playfield color (like the bottom playfield line) and then a playfield color player "hat" above the already there playfield pixels to bulge the top...



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That was a quick mock up I threw.

My idea rely on pf pixel removed. It's more feasible to make the "bump" with ball.

Or a missile with black color at bottom, then you don't need to remove the PF pixel. On either case the brick is rectangle, not curved.


EDIT : Problem solved, using a "double hat". Hitting the corner still a minimal problem but I think it would looks acceptable.


EDIT 2 : That is the iesposta ideia, I think :).



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13 hours ago, xybot67 said:

oh well, I guess this project is dead :(. Too bad really, it was off to an amazing start, the running, jumping and sliding felt perfect. I hope that it is resurrected some day. 

It was very faithful to the arcade version, a pity even though the project was not further forward.
 With the wave of remake with superior graphics like Venture, Wizard of Wor, DK and the most recent Gorf
 because the plumber Mario does not appear redesigned? Who knows, maybe this project will resurrect.
 Let's hope so.
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