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Lynx HSC 2014 Round 9 Lode Runner


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The September Lynx high score club game of the month is Lode Runner

post-22103-0-47158500-1409601392_thumb.png post-22103-0-82104800-1409601404_thumb.png

Deadline to post scores is October 1st 2014

Settings - (default)

Lynx HSC Record is - None yet!

Side Challenge -

Play another version of Lode Runner for one bonus point.
One point per person.

267,950 darthkur (Apple II) +1 point
9,750 S.BAZ (SG-1000) +1 point
2,600 roadrunner (NES) +1 point

Final High Scores -

S.BAZ 139,200 +11 points +3 points
darthkur 47,150 +10 points
roadrunner 35,850 +9 points
108 Stars 25,325 +8 points
LX.NET 23,850 +7 points
jblenkle 7,000 +6 points

Current season point standings -

108 Stars (58)
BillyHW (31)
LX.NET (72)
PFG 9000 (24)
Tempest2k (15)
roadrunner (71)
darthkur (59)
jblenkle (13)
sirlynxalot (23)
MrBland (7)
S.BAZ (57)
DonPedro (4)
oyamafamily (4)

No manual for this game.

Any corrections please post.

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after stumbling through 5-6 practice runs I had a good run


This is a really cool version! definitely unfinished but still nice & playable. I love how it's all in one screen & how fast everyone moves. also the use of diagonal to run onto ladders for smooth action :thumbsup:



bonus: SG-1000 -- 9750


I missed my chance to get a screenshot & it zeroes out the score when you lose. doesn't even say "game over" you just immediately get a title screen. not willing to play that again. I think that was about the worst version of Lode Runner I've ever played. you can fall into the holes, even after the bad guys do! sometimes I was able to run over them. I think maybe it wanted me to wait until they're good & nestled in there.


anyway though I got a pic just to show you guys what the game looks like:


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So, my score:


25325 ?




Basically, I like the playability of the port. This could have been an official release. BUT: You see it is a coder's game. Meaning not a lot of effort went into making it look good. I'm not talking about zoomed in look like in the Japanese versions, but just adjusting the original simplistic graphics to the Lynx res. The numbers are a good example. With a bit of help by a pixel artist this could have been even better.


Well, and adding some music would have been nice. :)


Sad to hear about Mr.Smith's passing. I am no Lode runner crack, but it is one of those highly addictive early games, and one that did not come from the arcade. The fact that it is being continued in Japan to this day speaks for the concept's quality.


BTW, did you know the fun fact that Bomberman is the prequel to Lode Runner? Again, just a Japanese invention, but still a fun fact.^^


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