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The Perfect Model II Genesis

Rick Dangerous

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So apparently there is like a 1 in 50 chance of getting a Genesis model II that has a high quality video decoder AND sound chip. I don't think there is anyway to tell via the serial number, you have to crack open the case and take a look. Does anyone know what to look for? I think the video decoder you want is Sony. Not sure about the sound chip. Would LOVE to track down a quality Gen II.



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My Mega Drive II: (Still applies to the Genesis II as they still use similar motherboard revisions)




My MD2 is sadly one of the bad ones, and thats a picture of the bottom of it. (I don't like that MD2, Its just in storage, I use Model 1's)


VA0, VA1, VA2 and VA2.3 models all look like this on the bottom (Mine is a VA1, I also have a VA0 MD2 which looks identical) all of them have various audio issues and you should avoid them if possible.




Another Sega MD/Genesis Model II, picture taken from Sega-16 pic is not mine - ignore the circles. This is a VA3/VA4 model which have the better audio (Although still not quite as good as a non-VA7 MD1)


Notice how the RF shield that you can see through the vents is smaller and doesn't fill the whole case like in my Mega Drive 2? The VA3/VA4's have smaller motherboards than the others and that's how you can tell the difference without opening them up.


Happy to help :)

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