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Arcade/MAME HSC 7.1: Guzzler


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Tekhan, 1983

A maze-style game where the player shoots "liquid" to kill monsters. Eat "food" to replace the liquid. Monsters are generated from four fires which must be destroyed to complete level.


Dip Switches

Lives: 3

Bonus: 30,000, every 100,000

Difficulty: Easy


Week ends 9.22.14 @ noon EDT



156,600 bigbee99

123,910 kane

94,650 Fallout_002

49,920 Darrin9999

46,870 DonPedro

43,550 GimmeClassics
43,290 Mangia-Boy
21,510 roadrunner

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And Rob, you still have a knack for finding the oddest games. Interesting choice




I fell in love with this game after seeing it on Starcade. I had it loaded up on my MAME cabinet for the longest time but never really gave it a chance until about 6 months ago.


Ahh, it's good to be back.


I've never cracked 100k on this game yet...






I think my high score is around 80,000.

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how do you do that?



Spell Guzzler.


You will notice that as you walk around different letters are highlighted. When you kill an enemy with a letter highlighted, it lights said letter. Spell it Guzzler and everything for the rest of the level is 2x, even the bonus.



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