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I've got some good news - I finally found some time and energy the last few days to add in the last lot of excellent images that 108 Stars sent me. It looks amazing - hats off to him, WOW is all I can say! Had 108 Stars been around back in the day we would have had a tonne of great Lynx games I am sure!



I will upload the binary (.lnx) later once a few people have tested it - It might be tomorrow or soon after depending on whether people get chance to test it. The game is dedicated to Alison Challis (Techie Alison) from the atari-forum, but she frequented this site as well. Please check out the links on the video - It's worth looking at her site as she was very interesting (if you're intro retro gaming and electronics). Special thanks here to LX.NET, 108 Stars, Der Luchs, Karri, Sage, Shawn Jefferson, and anyone else who helped develop CC65 and the supporting tools. Sorry it has taken so long, we've all had too many things pulling us in too many different directions over the last 12 months. Hard to believe it took around 3 weeks to code and 18 months to deliver a result lol.

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It is a recently developed port of an old C64 game.



Thanks for the kind words, I did my best. But graphics are useless if there is no coder to wrote a game, so props to you for doing a great job on such a unique game for the little cat. It's like nothing else on the system and deserves some recognition; perfect timing too, as the original version has been released 30 years ago now. :)

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Ermahgerd! Can't stop watching... Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!


Hats off to both of you! Very talented coding and graphics as well as sound etc...

Thanks! I've got a new version for testers shortly. I've fixed a few bugs and added the new intro screen in.

In summary:-

Added new intro.

Fixed pause related bugs.

Fixed left on d pad rotating through crew in hypersleep.

Removed glitchy sound that was playing when alien attacked - might replace this if I can.

Changed character name for Lambert when cheat applied.

Minor cosmetic change to health bar when crew dead.

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If someone wants to do a run. Then if it's at cost of materials I've got no problem with that. The main thing is profit cannot be made off this or Fox will come down on us like a tonne of DVDs. If I can find somewhere to buy some PCBs I don't mind doing them at cost, but postage would be tracked and signed etc as I don't fancy incurring costs from items lost in post. Likely the postage would be more than the board. I've got a friend who makes PCBs, I will have a chat with him.

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I've added in a few more bits of functionality today, tweaked difficulty and made it slightly easier on controls. The command room controls are now affected by room damage, as is Hypersleep. Shuttle is damaged at start on any difficulty above easy. Net gives higher chance if damage. Alien won't just run room to room constantly as it did, it will sometimes stay still for a period of time. More chance of fires being started as well. I will write some detailed instructions tommorrow.

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OK, It's open for general testing I guess. I might have to release a v1.01 if there any bugs found but I've spent the last 3 days testing and fixing and testing and adding new stuff (which defeats the previous testing lol). Rather than this cycle go on and on forever I guess its better to just release it as it is now which I feel is pretty much as good as I can get it (functionality wise).


I've had to do some serious work today to remove individual bytes from bitmaps lol - just to free up 37 more bytes for the final bit of new functionallity... It's amazing how many times I've had to re-optimize code here and there etc.


You can now heal in the infirmary - which takes a long time and heals very little at a time. Balance wise it doesnt break the game play but adds a new element. Difficulty has been tweaked again as the Alien was hitting way too hard on hard difficulty levels - to the point it probably wasnt beatable. Damage to the room controlling airlocks will stop their use. Damage in the control room will mean you cannot enable or disable self destruct. After the 5 mins self destruct warning you cannot cancel now (that was a bug). The shuttle is damaged on any level above easy, so you need to repair it first. Repairing is done with Spanners btw. First item in your 2 inventory slots is the one you are using, and I've done a tweak to select the 2nd item when you choose the 'use' option if there are more than 2 items in your hands. That way its easy to toggle between them.


More chance of fires starting, and a lot of small bugs fixed, with one major bug which was causing a memory leak when multiple items of the same type were on the floor in a given room. Hypersleep is affected by room damage as well - if the alien damages that room you must fix it to put anyone else into hypersleep. The only reason to use hypersleep is to try and 'save' someone whos very badly injured, that way if you complete the game you get a higher score for surviving crew. That said, you could now heal them (albeit extremely slowily) but its there an option as the healing isnt quite what you think it is - it takes ages it really does. In my last test game I had 3 people in there all healing, and bam - the alien pops up in the infirmary and within 20 seconds all 3 people were dead - some of them had been healing for like 10 minutes lol.


Up and Down on D pad cycles through all crew (alive, dead, android etc). Left cycles through live crew. Right focuses on who precisely the Alien is attacking.


Please let me know if you discover any bugs, or if you want to know how something works etc.



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