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Fix it Felix Sr atari 2600 on cartridge (on Ebay)

Crazy Climber

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So whats the deal with this game...



I remember someone here programming it, but as far as I knew it was never available on cartridge. Is this an official release or did someone just burn it on a cartridge? I totally WANT this, but I don't want to buy it if someone just pirated it without asking the programmer, I only want to buy an "official" (as official as it can be if you know what I mean) cartridge :)


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I sent voltman3 a PM here on AA as I think it's only fair he knows we are potentially talking about him and his stuff.


I somehow don't think you will get a response, him and tunnelrunner (they are both good friends to each other, I know them personally, hung out with both of them at several occasions), have not been around in ages.


Anyone know whatever happened to MrRetroGamer? Huge 5200 fan.





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