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sio2pc USB by Lotharek


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  • 2 months later...

Lotharek sio2pc -USB. The unit arrived very well packed

Unfortunately there were no Instructions as to how to set it up.

I am using a Mac (Yosimite 10.10.1)

Using Sio2OSX I was able to Identify the Sio2pc -USB

Identity = "" usbserial-00004006 ""

Using AspeQT

In the preferences Serial I/O Backend / Standard serial port /

set configuration for the Sio2PC -USB to :- /dev/tty.usbserial-00004006

The Number 00004006 was obtained using Sio2OSX this may be unique to my Unit.

The hand shake method used was :- DSR

The unit has 3 Leds 1 Green (USB connected) 2 Red (Data)

The Sio2pc -USB Looks Good and works well.

Thanks Lotharek

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Very good products .. very weak documentation.


When I bought the Ultimate1M, The support I got was mainly from flashjazzcat via his website (thank you Jon).

Lotharek never answered any question raised by members. Why ?

With such product documentation/support, I may wonder if it is more feasible to get one of the affordable generic FT232RL breakout devices.


Sorry to say that but I feel sad to see such excellent product with little or no info.




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i`m very happy to offer free devices as sample/gratification for people who are able to help me a little bit with manuals.



i`m ONLY ONE and ONLY human being working regular day job and doing lotharek`s lair late aftenoon/night.


due to sitting life style ineed to change sth in my life, so on top of that all came judo lessos.. as You can see - 24hours is not enough




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