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Here's the latest version. I addressed the issues neotokeo brought up and have started working on Galactopus' movement. I still need to do a lot of tweaking but in the later levels he will dodge your shots and fire more aggressively. Also, with the right difficulty switch in the A position you now lose the energy you've collected when you die.



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Cool. :)


Have you thought about adding bonus stages to break up the game a little? Something like Galactopus dropping just the enregy thingies with a multiplier on each consecutive bit collected, resetting if you miss one... that kind of thing? A couple of variations like that would make a huge difference I think. :)

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Galactopus has some moves now. :D


I don't know if it can be considered a bug but at the game start, push the fire button to start the game and hold down the fire button the first shot is away from the ship on the right side of the screen. If you push the fire button and let go before firing then the first shot lines up correctly. Here is a video where I re-start the game several times so you can see what I am saying. It alternates between holding the button down and then just pressing and letting go.


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I've thought about adding bonus stages or intermissions. I was kind of imagining something like the bear stage in Carnival. It'll depend on how much room I have left.


You have a number of opportunities to optimize for space.


If you do assignments to like values consecutively on one

line it will save space

So for example if you're zeroing a bunch of variables

put the assignments to 0 consecutively on one line and bB

wont keep reloading 0 it'll load it once per string of

zero assignments.

I did some of that. It saves about 50 bytes


You have redundant code you could get rid of.

One big instance of redundancy is with the animation of Galactopus

Here I've moved that to a subroutine.

I also rearranged it a bit so that b gets incremented before

Galactopus and made the Galactopus sprite selection on temp1

so c is not needed. I don't know if that messes anything



I didn't test this to see if it actually works ;)


You could probably save some bytes by putting Galactopus

into data statements or one sprite definition but that's

more complicated (but only slightly)



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I took out the two player mode and added a bonus stage. Every couple of stages a pink Galactopus appears and drops Octonium pieces to collect (thanks to PFL for the suggestion and bogax for the byte saving help). Know bug: Galactopus can sometimes get "stuck" on the far left side of the screen and drop a piece that is impossible to reach. Each piece is worth 10 points (for now, I still need to add some sort of score progression and have the difficulty increase the longer you go).



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Time for the weekly update!


Destroying Galactopus is now worth 50-1500 points. Previously it was 50-1000, but I added a 500 point bonus for a perfect round (used the fewest possible shots to destroy Galactopus).


Pretty Pink Galctopus Bonus Round! Every few rounds a pink Galactopus descends and drops Octonium. Each piece you catch without missing one is worth progressively more points. Catch 10 in a row and earn a bonus ship. Every time you miss a piece, you lose some energy and the score multiplier resets. Once your energy is depleted, the round ends.



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The update is pretty cool! :thumbsup:


There is still a problem with the Galactopus shots. When the Galactopus moves from left to right it will always miss the player if you stand still, just brushing by on the left. The shot when Galactopus is moving from right to left is OK.




Yeah, I know. The problem is, if I make Galactopus' aiming "window" small enough to always hit the player when you aren't moving, he won't shoot at you when you are. It seems that if both the player and Galactopus are moving, the player doesn't appear in the window and Galactopus won't shoot.

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0 bytes left!


Improved Galactopus' aim and added the Green Galactopus.


Here I've


moved data statements to the end and added

the noinlinedata optimization


put galactopus in a data statement


removed some redundant if clauses



this frees 92 bytes


but the galactopus data statement can't

cross a page boundary and there's only

57 bytes between the end of galactopus and

the next page boundary (and part of that is

because I also moved some subroutines past the

galactopus data statement)



no idea how badly this will mess any thing up




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Unless anyone finds any bugs that I've missed, Galactopus is done! Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions. I'll get a PAL60 bin of the latest version up sometime soon, but it's definitely time to move on.


I was just going to post I found 20 more bytes.

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A couple of little changes and the promised PAL-60 version. A lot of the colors I used aren't in the PAL palette, so I used the closest matches I could find.


This time I'm really done. Really. Unless I think of something else. But only if that something else is really good and will change 2600 gaming as we know it. And if it's that good I'll probably just save it for another game.




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