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Thanks! I need to check out your Wizard of Wor. That's always been one of my favorites.


The Galactopus AI develops in stages, adding something with each new level. Purple just moves back and forth, red dodges player fire, blue tracks the player in some situations, and yellow does all of those and changes direction at random.


I am playing around with ideas for Ms. Galactopus...

Hardly "my" Wizard of Wor.

>Click Here for Latest Version<

It was all all CDS Games idea doing all mazes and nicer sprite art, with helpful members adding the advanced computer hacks like bank switching, AtariVox+ framework, disassembly, kernel rewrites for finer details.

Alwys a favorite with me from the arcade onward.

I just created the speech strings and then obsessed on tweaking them to sound close to the hard-to-understand original.

There are groups of sentences for different places in the game, such as things it says in the pit, start of game, end of game, after bonus player awarded, after first Garwor appears, etc.

Then I read the fact, "When you have reached the Worlord dungeons, the Wizard calls you Worlord, instead of worrior." :-o So that's 71 sentences with the substitution change of calling you Worlord when you progress!

I don't think most people know the speech was tailored to parts of the game, mostly I remember it being hard to get what it was saying in the first place!

I like how they just went for it and it starts out with mad crazy flicker, but then as you clear and difficulty gets harder the fewer enemies flicker less and less. That flicker I don't mind as the gameplay would be different if the enemies were restricted from aligning. Currently it just babbles


I was imagining babies or eggs in Ms. version. Cool!

The kernel I used let me set a color table for background, but it is set in rom that can't change.

I chose it for the "close to Activision" look.

But I like that widescreen look too.

It is more glitchy than the batari DPC+ kernel was. The line under the clouds moves up and down depending on the other sprites position, and it chops off the playfield I couldn't mask to my satisfaction.

Then the recent bug just found if you do not flap and float through 3 low pipes your bird will roll which I did not program, but it deters resting for too long a time.

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On 3/5/2023 at 6:03 PM, KaeruYojimbo said:

I've been playing around with PICO-8 and working on an update/port of Galactopus. It's not playable yet, but here's a sneak peek:


This is gonna be good. I love it already.

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