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I know this isn't the "Thrift Finds" thread over in the "Classic Gaming" section, but I'm posting it here because I need some info and feedback. Went to the local flea market today in Staten Island and saw this cool looking Pong-type system lying in the corner. Asked how much, he said $10, so I took it.


It's not in the best shape, as it's missing the battery cover (not sure why anyone would use batteries however, since it has an ac adapter too), has no RF adapter, an has the serial number sticker nearly entirely off. Does anyone know anything about this system, or maybe have one? I'm not dedicated systems, but this one looked pretty nice. Has four controllers, two of which are wired-in, while the other two plug in (joined together by a double plug). Well what do ya think? :)




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I don't know what kind of information you're looking for, and I don't own any Pong systems or clones myself, but there is some data on it at Pong-Picture-Page.de and at the Pong-Story.com rarity guide. The basics: it's a 1977 Radofin-made system built on the Mostek MPS-7600-001 chip, and it looks like Kmart may have had an own-branded version of it, too. If I recall correctly, user CatPix here in the forum knows a fair amount about Radofin systems (though my memory could be totally wrong; it could be someone else I'm thinking of).



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