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Arcade/MAME HSC 7.2: Galaxian


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Namco, 1979

A game where a spaceship flies back and forth shooting aliens in space.


Dip Switches

Lives: 3

Bonus: 7,000


Week ends 9.29.14 @ noon EDT


Season Standings

11 bigbee99

10 kane

9 Fallout_002

8 Darrin9999

7 DonPedro

6 GimmeClassics

5 Mangia-Boy

4 roadrunner



23,120 kane

14,990 darthkur

11,390 Darrin9999

10,990 Fallout_002

10,790 S.BAZ

10,090 DonPedro

9,110 bigbee99

6,170 Mangia-Boy

6,070 GimmeClassics

5,900 DaveD

5,890 roadrunner

4,720 Mister-VCS

4,040 LarcenTyler

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I sure wish I had known this HSC was back up and running. I wouldn't have missed out on Guzzler and fell behind already.


same here! I'm sorry to miss Guzzler also because it looks like a lot of fun. I've missed a lot of 1st rounds. I just found the "follow" feature though so hopefully that won't happen any more :)


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I'm surprised by the low scores. Remember that you get 800 points for shooting the two reds and then the boss (in that order) in the convoy. Also, if you stay in the center of the screen you can bait the convoy to the center of the screen which will make it easier to pick up those 800 points. It's more difficult if you chase the convoy to the corners. So, be patient and wait for the convoy to travel towards the center of the screen.


Kind of disappointed that the previous moderators didn't keep up with the Electronic Scoreboard threads I started. According to the scoreboard my high is 31,290. If I have time I'll see if I can break 30K before this week is up.

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