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Intellivision Flashback Controller Adapters


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This thread is for information, updates and interest posts for my Intellivision Flashback controller adapters - which allow using a Flashback controller on an Intellivision II or Sears Super Video Arcade console.


These are 6 foot extension / conversion cables, with a male 9-pin connector on one end, and a female 9-pin connector on the other.




I made a small batch of these to sell at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. Those sold out within the first hour. I am in the process of making more now, and will post updates to this thread when they are ready.


If you have already sent me a PM about your interest in buying adapters, I have you on the list. If you haven't, please either post here that you want one (or more), or send me a PM.


The cost is $12 per cable, or two cables for $22 + shipping. Each cable costs me roughly $6 in parts, and with the wire stripping, soldering and heat shrink tubing, takes about 30 minutes to build and test.


I plan to make additional adapters that will work with the original Intellivision Master Component at a later time, and will make announcements on that in this thread.


No need for payment until the cables are ready to ship.


Thanks for your interest!

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Not trying to steal any business, I just like to make things for myself, but are there instructions somewhere on what needs to be done to make your own?

Sure. I posted all my findings and information in the Intellivision Flashback thread (you will have to dig a little as that's a long thread)...



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In the latest Colecovisions Podcast, Willie mentioned that the Colecovision Flashback also has a pinout problem. He= also states that he's going to be creating adapters for that unit. Seems atGames screwed up on both counts.

Indeed. And more so with the Colecovision; the 'joy-stub' is now a 'joy-nub' - the shaft is way shorter, which I can only assume is because the 20-something year old hardware engineers never actually played a real Colecovision, and they assumed people use their thumb on the top of the stick (like a d-pad), and not with the 3 finger claw grip like we all did back in the day. Doing it that way now can pinch your finger when going in the UP direction.


And even though the controller is physically smaller than the original, the overlays are bigger, making them incompatible with the original controllers.


It's like.. really!? Do they even test these things?

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