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Sega CD model 1 in need of repair


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Looking for someone who could repair my Sega CD model 1. It powers up but the drawer will not come out and it won't read discs.

Like travistouchdown mentioned above, the disc tray malfunction is most likely a worn out drive belt, you can get one at www.console5.com


As for the won't read disc condition, take a q-tip and dip it in rubbing alchohol (not dripping, just wet) and gently clean the laser "eye" thing. If that doesn't work, you can mess with the potentiometers (adjustment screws) for the laser, but that is last resort and would be guess work for an amateur. Alternately, you can just replace the laser.


All of these require taking the unit apart and a careful steady hand. I would love to repair it, but shipping costs would most likely be too much back and forth. Good luck.



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