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Arcade/MAME HSC 7.3: Raiden


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In the year 2090, Earth has suddenly become the target of deranged aliens. Following the invasion, a new cutting-edge weapon, the Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter, based on a destroyed alien craft, is created for humanity's hope for survival.


Dip Switches

Lives: 3
Bonus Life: 150000 400000
Difficulty: Normal
Allow Continue: No


Week ends 10.6.14 @ noon EDT


Season Standings

21 kane

17 Fallout_002

17 Darrin9999

16 bigbee99

13 DonPedro

10 darthkur

9 GimmeClassics

9 Mangia-Boy


5 roadrunner

2 DaveD

1 Mister-VCS

1 LarcenTyler



363,210 DonPedro

177,970 kane

165,340 GimmeClassics

150,860 bigbee99

139,720 Fallout_002

124,640 S.BAZ

123,280 darthkur

117,680 roadrunner

115,620 DaveD

89,470 Darrin9999

67,190 patbb

45,170 Mangia-Boy

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I think I've discovered the trick to this game. Don't die. Seriously. Once you die you're tossed right back into the thick of things without your powerups and you immediately die again. I imagine if two players are onscreen at the same time you might have a better chance.




Hopefully I can do better this weekend.

Edited by DaveD
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Please let me know if you want any help updating the Electronic scoreboard.





It's a tall task - but if you're up for it go through the previous season's scores when I wasn't the moderator and compile the scores and settings in a text document. You can then PM me the text document and I can copy/paste into the scoreboard threads.

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