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High Score contest: King of Pole Position (Arcade, Atari XL/XE/5200,2600)


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Wanted: The best Pole Position player!

At the end of the contest -Sunday, October 19th, 2014- I will "crown" the best PP-Player (all three final scores added up)!


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Settings Arcade: Game Time 90 sec., 4 laps

Settings XL/XE/400/800/5200: Namco speedway, 4 laps

Settings 2600: Game 1

Emulation is allowed

No old scores allowed

Leaderboard Pole Position Arcade 90 sec 4 laps


30,710 -Mister-VCS

20,440 -darthkur

17,730 -roadrunner



Leaderboard Pole Position Atari XL/XE/400/800/5200 Namco 4 laps

PAL or NTSC -your choice!


62,150 -roadrunner

55,850 -Mister-VCS

31,050 -Gorfy





Leaderboard Pole Position Atari 2600 VCS



59,860 -Gorfy

59,110 -Mister-VCS

57,570 -roadrunner




Leaderboard total (Arcade + XL/XE/5200 + 2600)


145,670 -Mister-VCS

137,450 -roadrunner

90,910 -Gorfy

20,440 -darthkur

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