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European Flashback release?


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I have failed to find any retailers here in Sweden selling the Atari flashback 5 or the Intellivision or Colecovision Flashbacks yet. E-mailing them yields no responses. These are the same retailers that carried the FB4 earlier.


Earlier this summer i heard someone mention here that they would all 3 see release in the US only and no European release. Is this still true?


Are these things limited to PAL or NTSC standards? My modern tv can handle both, but my old fat tv i use for classic gaming don't. Would be good to know if i need to look to import from the US in some way.

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Hej hej :)


I sent them also a mail, 2 weeks ago... ...nothing. Dont really want to learn taiwanese or use google translate; just looks like, theyre not interested into



I had a little talk with people selling this stuff in germany and theyre PAL-Versions. Maybe the prices are a little bit high, compared to the US-Market.


But if you really want one, you can order them from tyskland.


ha det bra! (hope norsk is ok for you) :)

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