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SkunkBoard SillyVenture Edition how to BUY.


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How to buy/pay

Plaese send Payment in € (EURO) into my PayPal account : (mynick on AA)@gmail.com (unshure ? contact me!)

Include your nick on AA and shipping adresse!!!.

Sipping day is Thursday (sometimes also Wednesday). You should get email including tracking number Friday after shipping day. If you don't get tracking number, please contact me immediately.

There is also possible to pay via bank transfer, if so please contact me.

preorder Price: If there is someone who didn't get preordered SkunkBoard, please contact me.

Price for AA users:
75€ + P&P. - payment via PayPal as Gift or add 4% to cover PayPal fees.

Ebay price:
90€ + P&P via Ebay (please contact me if you wish to buy via Ebay)

8€ + 2€ every extra board - insured (1pc - 8€, 2pcs 10€ etc..).
This is possible for following countries:
.at .be .bg .br .cn .cz .dk .fi .fr .gr .es .nl .in .ie .is .jp .kr .no .nz .pt .sk .si .ch .se .tr .ua .hu .it

12€ all other countries (UK, USA, DE etc ...) - insurance is covering only 1 piece! if you want more - please contact me first.

If you are unsure, please contact me!!




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Went ahead and ordered two more Sillyskunks! lol, another one for me and one for my good friend's teenage son's new Jaguar setup!(I got it for him, charged his father lol) He loves vintage video games, game programming and is going to school for website design. I'm responsible for him liking the Atari Jaguar :grin:, we play Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story whenever I go over there! :P He also likes Beebris and Downfall and Superfly DX. :thumbsup:

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