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Portland Retro Gaming Expo - Oct 18 and 19

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Heading down to Portland on Friday (my birthday treat for myself) and will be in attendance Saturday. I've never been to this show, though I was at the Seattle one last year (unless you wanted loose NES cartridges, the Seattle one didn't have a lot to offer). What should I look for at the Portland show? Anyone else going?

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I'm waiting for someone to start a convention near me. They even built a new convention center just 2 minutes from my house. Make it happen people. We need one in the south. What better place to have one that in a tourist trap town and in the middle of the Smoky Mountains. :thumbsup: :)


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I'm going to be at PRGE and leave for it in a few days.


For those who haven't been to PRGE, here is a comparison of last year's PRGE to this year's CGE:

  • PRGE had more games and systems for sale. However, CGE had more Intellivision stuff. However, at PRGE I found CIB copies of Body Slam and Fathom on the floor and also bought a number of items off of BBWW in the parking garage.
  • PRGE had a little more arcade and pinball games (though CGE had a large number as well).
  • CGE had HUGE museum of stuff to see. PRGE had much, much less on display.
  • PRGE has well organized auction. It has a 2 hour schedule and they have already posted a tentative list of this year's auction items here. I really wish CGE had done this. There was no announced or displayed items beforehand. Attendees were left ply people for rumor nuggets to see if the 5 hour open-ended time block was going to be worth sitting through (my only real criticism of an otherwise fantastic CGE).

Also, the Blue Sky Rangers will be giving a talk at PRGE. If you missed them at CGE, now is your chance.




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Yes, I'll be there. I'm the vice president of PRGE so I kinda have to be there, lol. Also a vendor and I will be right inside the main entrance this year. PRGE craziness starts tomorrow for me. I have 9 arcade games in my dining room which will be picked up plus 6 pallets full of merchandise and PRGE freeplay stuff in the garage at my work. I'll be at the convention center 6:00 am to midnight Thursday-Sunday with a few breaks and most of Monday. Then on Tuesday I'm going to Disneyland!

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