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Arcades for sale at Philly Classic...

Cassidy Nolen

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Hi all,


I am not sure I can post this in this forum, but...


I will be bringing several arcade machines to the Philly show this next weekend for sale. I know that Anthony Pietrak brings some wonderful machines from his company, but I would also like to let you know about the ones I am bringing.


I have a MINT (and I do mean MINT) Battlezone. This game was in an Aladdin's Castle from new until it broke in 84. It then sat in a wearhouse until I got it last year. Truly flawless, and professionally repaired. New cap kit, board repair, etc. All lights, etc. working great. Amazing shape, and with a new carpeted step on the front.


Leiland Super Off Road with Trak Pak. Great 3 player driving game. Seriously fun, and with the Trak Pak, tons of track variations. Super nice shape.


Hope to have a Black Widow at the show too. Ordered a new cap for the bottom of it, hope its here in time for the show.


Also bringing Computer Space and Asteroids cocktail, but those are just to share, not to sell :)


Take care, see you all this week! I'll be the guy worring about kids on his Computer Space machine.



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You don't happen to have any extra boards, do you?I'm really looking for a Rastan but am always interested in whatever anyone has available.


And I know someone who'd be interested in that Battlezone, if only I could get it back to Vermont...

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