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Anyone make Vectrex and/or Arcadia 2001-style boxes?

Blazing Lazers

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I was admiring the excellent box for my Channel F multicart and realized it would be very nice to have original style boxes for my Vectrex and Arcadia 2001 multicarts as well. Is there anyone who makes such boxes? I've seen some for the Vectrex, such as the Color Clash homebrew and the Cube Quest and Pitcher's Duel repro's, but never anything for the Arcadia. Then again, the Arcadia has little to no homebrews. Is there anyone I could commission to make an original style box for the Sean Kelly Vectrex multicart and a custom Arcadia style box for the Arcadia multicart made by 5-11under?

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Ask Marc Oberhauser. He makes tons of amazing repro boxes for various systems…he might have a solution for you.

I did. He said he doesn't. Indicated that it's cost prohibitive. He's the expert, and I'll take his word on it.


What I've thought about doing is taking some spare original boxes and simply placing custom printed stickers over the art and text that would need to change. The stickers would have to blend in with the background, of course. It would be tricky to get right, and I'd still have to design proper text, graphics, and artwork. It would be much more difficult than making the inserts I did for the Disney VHS cases I currently use.

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You could try to build your own using resin casting.

I've done it with vectrex: http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/post/9945/thread


Nicely done :) I may end up doing something similar.


My current solution is to use Disney VHS cases:





but there's just something about having original style boxes for the multicarts.

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I can design boxes for any application and have already designed boxes for a number of Vectrex games for VHS clamshell inserts including Pitchers Duel, Irrelevant, 72 in 1, City Bomber, Mail Plane and a few Fury Games. It was/is my intention to design VHS inserts for all the original games to increase the collectibility of loose games and make them more uniformly displayable. Redesigning the original boxes for cardboard printed reproductions is a task that few people would take on, so if it's something that you wanted done, my suggestion is to do it yourself.

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