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Ms. Night Stalker = Awesome

First Spear

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For those of you not reading this thread since you missed out, Ms. Night Stalker is available for purchase for International and U.S.!


Please visit: http://www.intellivision.us/intvgames/ordergames.php


If you have already purchased the game, please allow others to buy them first.


There are a few of the older titles out there also. Again, if you already have them, please do not buy them to resell. I am making them availalbe for those that missed out the first time.

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Epic first try fail: 4,200

ms n.jpg


The bats are RELENTLESS and left me a sitting duck. Need to adjust my strategy big time.


Yup, the bats will pretty much chase you constantly, do you have to keep moving. For me the webs are difficult. You can hide behind them to protect you from robot fire, but they also limit your ability to shoot them.

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...wait, there's an invisible robot? WTF is up with that?! :lol:

Ordered my copy recently, looking forward to jumping in on the competition here.




Received my new games today - yay! Holy cow... Ms. Night Stalker really *is* awesome, but damn is it hard! Gonna be a while before I get as good as some of you guys. Having a blast with it though!

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