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Ms. Night Stalker = Awesome

First Spear

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I've probably logged close to 15 hours or so - this really is a Great Addition to any collection and has my vote for game of the year even with a few more to be released. I like the original Night Stalker, and there are so many nice upgrades and subtle changes that make this game a Grand Slam to me. I'm really enjoying the limited time I've had to play this and will be back for more. Two thumbs up!!

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This was with the stock cart for sure :)


I can tell you the balance and the scariness factor of the stock cart is the best!!!!


Here is how I got such a good score: the invisible robot killed me near the HQ in the center of the screen, this way I came out got the gun and fired in his direction. He only came out twice and I think I did this both times.


The rest of it was knowing what spot to be in to make the robots "move" in the direction you want. I like to hang out in the top right near the HQ. If a bat tries to get me from the lower right, I move down and shoot him first.


I am sort of cheating by using a custom controller and I plan to enhance the controller with a db15 port and special switch to use it for Ms. NS. But that is like a month away due to time it takes me to re-design pcb, cpld, etc. Enhanced controller maps 2,4,6,8 to buttons A,B,C,D and controller1 keypad 1-9 to controller2 keypad 1-9.

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Nice score grips03! I was gonna ask if you used your custom controller buy answered. I just used good old disc which I'm sure cost me here and there if I pressed it too hard lol:-) Again great game. I'll never post pic of my score because I don't even know how + my word will have to be enough;-)

for the photos I use an iphone-->iphoto-->export photo and then use AA 'more reply options' to attach

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Hi grips03,

Thanks for info - I don't have an iPhone but should be similar with my android - will have to give it a try. Thanks again for letting my score stand less than 1 day - damn you:-) Just kidding of course.

Another option is to upload it to AtariAge (go to Gallery/My Gallery). Once it's loaded in your Gallery, you can link to it by going to "My Media" in the posting toolbar and selecting your pic.


How To upload pics To AA


I haven't figured out how to upload and/or post pics on Mobile (Android), but I'm sure it's not difficult.

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It helps to rapid fire the robots that take 3 shots.


Great score. I hope to have this game soon. :-) I've been waiting for new mazes since i was a kid!


Although when I was a kid, didnt bother me too much only one maze, i guess it was when i was older i noticed. Anyway.....



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