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TG -16 Season 5 to Start Jan 1, 2015


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With the family holidays coming around...Halloween, Thanksgiving,Christmas..I thought that it would be a good idea to start season 5 at the first of the year.


I would like to keep the current format of games but I would like to score it with the conventional scoring system here at AA.


25 points for 1st place on down to 1 points incremented by 1


I would need 2 title suggestions from each player so that I could include them in the line up.


10 games a month = One Round of competition


3 rounds of competition and we go into the playoffs where games will be picked from the pool of previously played titles and in case of a tie then a unplayed game will be used that none of the contestants had suggested.


Semi finals will be best of three...meaning the semi finalist will submit three scores for whatever title is picked for the semi finals


Finals.. best of five (same as Semi finals except five scores are submitted)




We could just do it where one score from three or five games are submitted


If I see a growing interest in this season.. I could throw in bonus rounds..bonus rounds would be either a bonus game or double points for score submissions.


Don't forget to send me your game suggestions... you could either PM them to me or post them here in this thread.

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My suggestions are:


Xevious Fardraut Densetsu - Fardraut mode

Rabio Lepus Special



Semi finals will be best of three...meaning the semi finalist will submit three scores for whatever title is picked for the semi finals


Not sure I understand how it would work. So every player submits his top 3 scores for the game and then the top score of player A is compared to the top score of player B etc. Something like this?



We could just do it where one score from three or five games are submitted


I like this idea better.



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I have figured out how to make MESS 155 play CD games for the TG 16 / PC Engine.


First you will need a CD image..here is one source http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/retro/tg-16/


once you have the image place the files into a folder make sure you have a .cue file and a .iso file


Second you will need a CD rom file....here is a link for all the files you will need http://atariage.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=305849


Place those file where you know where they are


Open MESS...select TurboGrafx 16...you will see two slots...one for Hu cards and one for CD image




Place a Super CD rom in the Hu Card slot and a CD .cue file in the CD image slot then start the console...the game should then play.



Hope this helps.

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Addendum2: After running through just about every emulator that stated it emulated CD the only ones that I could get to work consistently were Magic Engine (which cost 20 US Dollars)and Turbo Engine v.032.


Unfortunately both of these emulators require either a physical CD or Damon Tools lite that emulates a CD drive on your Windows system.


I tested both Splash lake which uses CD system v2 and Cotton which uses CD system v3


(I know MESS does it too but even that was hit and miss at best)


So if there is a tutorial needed to make this work I will put one together...although it will take some time to create the videos..yes there would be two different ones since both emulators approach CD emulation differently from the players perspective.


I will tell you this.. it will involve downloads of one or two programs depending on which emulator you use.


Here are the emulators that failed:


1. Hu Go

2. oOmake

3 PCEjin

4.MESS (but only partially)


I am assuming that most of you use Windows if you are using Linux I am sorry I do not have anything on Linux since I do not have any distro installed anywhere at the moment




On another note...game manuals seem to be in short supply on the net for TG16 / PC Engine games..so if anyone has any way of supplying manuals for the games that are being suggested please scan them and upload them.. I can turn them into pdf files. or if you have links to manuals I will seek them out and convert them to pdf files.


I do not need any of the popular manuals..they are all over the net.

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  • 5 months later...

Suggestion for Afterburner II...is that okay?


Note to self: Be sure to check end dates of games more than once!!! I just played Cotton thinking today was the last day to submit, when in fact, it was actually YESTERDAY. I guess my subconscious was playing an April Fool's joke on me. That was NOT nice.

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