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A tale of two SF-354 floppy drives - and supplies - HELP!

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I have an older 520 ST system - the one that needed an external floppy drive. Well, I had an SF-354 3.5" drive around, but no supply. I posted a message here a couple weeks ago looking for one, in fact.


Well, thanks to eBay I now have two MORE SF-354 drives, and two power supplies. My problem is that both drives and supplies are different, and I don't really know which goes with which!


I have two SF-354's with a "slanted" type faceplate design, of which the disk eject button is about 1.5" long and is fitted in the bottom of the slant.

The other SF-354 has a pretty low SN (5000944) and has the faceplate more or less arranged in a vertical + configuration. The disk eject button is 1/2" long, and is situated towards the bottom right.


The two Atari brand supplies I have are BOTH numbered part # CO70091-014. Both have 5-pin female leads. One is beige and one is black. (The beige one is made in Japan, the black one is made in Singapore) From the labels, The rating on the beige one is: Input: 120v 60Hz 15W. Output: +5V .3A 1.5VA, +12V .4A 4.8VA. The rating on the black one is: Input: 117V 60Hz 25VA. Output: 5VDC .72A, 12VDC .21A


What the heck!!! Can anyone who is hip to power ratings fill me in, are these both essentially the same power supply? It doesn't seem like it to me.


Better, would anyone who has a working 520ST system with external FD let me know which power supply is working for them?


Thanks for helping me through this confusion!!!



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I'm pretty sure either power pack will work with either disk drive, those things (drives) are built with a "cushion" to withstand slighltly different amperages and those amperages (A) are close enough that it shouldn't be a problem, otherwise they would have had different part numbers. But, if you want to be overly cautious, I pretty sure the black powerpack goes with the SF354 with the long 1.5" button&slanted face plate, and the beige one goes with the other "+" face drive with the 1/2" button. The "A" (amps) specs are the most important ones to look at, since the Volts are the same anyway (output specs are also what's important). The VA specs are basically another way of telling Watts (W). But I think either powerpack will work fine with either drive. Amperages are all fractions less than 1amp anyway, so there should be nothing to worry about as far as burning out any circuits.

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