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Update 9/28/22 Homebrew 2600 Game Panic being offered at PRGE and TORGS


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Update: Things are moving along. Cases have arrived, donor carts have been acquired, and some of the chips needed to make the game have arrived. Still awaiting some more chips, as well as a day early in December I can meet with my friend to place the game on new pcb boards. There will be a slight design change to the box cover and cart label to distinguish this as the "second run". I do not want to take any payment at this time unitl the games are ready to go out the door.

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bump this thread. Update: All parts needed to place game on cart have arrived. I am planning to go to my friends house on December 12th to place the game on cart for the second run Plan is to have inserts mailed to me and have the game ready to go before Christmas. I plan to do a run of about 35. I have about 20-25 orders already, so If you are thinking out being interested just respond to this post. No funds will be taken at this time, and I will post again when the game is ready to go.

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Update: All cases/inserts/manuals/lightscribed bonus DVDs have been made and assembled. Vinyl labels have been ordered and will be picked up Monday or Tuesday. Plan on assembling the game on Friday. I plan on posting the complete product and begin to take orders in the Marketplace on Sat. The people who showed interest here on this thread will be notified at the point and payments taken FIRST(at that point I will give folks three days to contact me If you know of anyone who is interested in this game or want to pick it up for a friend, now is the chance. I will have 35 made and ready to go in one week.


Again anyone who is interested in this game please comment on this post.

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The game is ready to ship! Total owed is $46.00 shipped. I will ship in a small flat rate priority mail box. I will be giving a PM to all who were interested in the product. You have three days to respond to the PM. I am probably only making 35 of these for the second run.


Game includes case, instructions, bonus lighscribed DVD, plastic spider, and funny warranty card




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