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3D on PS3: Who's tried it? The current state?


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I'm a relatively-new PS3 adoptee. One of the unique features is the 3D capabilty.


Of course, we all know that 3D TV has flopped. But in the past - although I didn't pay much attention, I believe there were 2 competing standards (a-la VHS vs Betamax) so how would the uninformed know whether or not a given (randomly-picked) 3D TV would support PS3 3D, anyway? Those TVs were as expensive as hell anyway, and who wants to waste $100 each on those silly 3D glasses?


Well, that was then. Now, it seems you can get some PS3 3D hardware on the relatively-cheap.


One may purchase the formerly-expensive 3D glasses on Ebay - brand new and sealed - for around $20. Check.


Who wants to spend several hundred dollars on a 3D display? Enter the "Playstation 3D Display." The reviews were mixed on places like Amazon. There were claims of high failure rates, etc. There was also praise. And it's not a big-screen.


But now, you can get one relatively-cheap.....


eBay Auction -- Item Number: 2616096195001?ff3=2&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&item=261609619500&mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]


For $130, is it worth a try? This isn't exactly a TV; I believe it's lacking a remote and perhaps even a tuner, but we *do* know it will do PS3 3D. There are more games than I thought that support the 3D, too. There's allegedly an interesting feature called "Simulview" where both players (wearing their geeky 3D glasses) can both stare at the *same screen* and see completely different images. While I'm all stocked-up with big, expensive TVs (3D TV is dead, and even if it wasn't I'm not replacing my living-room set), this seems like, perhaps, an interesting prospect.



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I play The Pinball Arcade in 3D and a 140" screen. How is it? Awesome!


Can't comment on its 3D movie capabilities as I use a dedicated blu-ray machine for that, but I'm sure it's fine. That said, I'm not so impressed by 3D movies... definitely a novelty type thing is all. Yeah, it's neat, but... think if it as a kind of "3D" view master effect. Doesn't envelope as you might think it would. 'Real' 3D effects are few and far between.

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Pinball Arcade/Zen Pinball look amazing. I also tried the God of War collection and it looked really good. Makes games a lot more immersive so as theLoon mentioned it's a shame the Elder Scrolls games don't support it.


Problem I have is I rarely use it because I'm too lazy to wear the glasses and leave them on for long periods of time. The glasses are literally an arms length away and I just dont put them on. Same with the 3DS, I never use it on there either.

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eBay Auction -- Item Number: 2616096195001?ff3=2&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&item=261609619500&mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]


.....finally arrived, and it is excellent! It's absolutely like-new, and the 3D glasses were completely-sealed with protective film over both sides of both lenses.


The 3D is really cool!!! Let's not fool ourselves, however: It's not absolutely necessary to enjoy games. It's a nice "gimmick" that I wholeheartedly approve of, however. It's not exactly game-changing, but it's a nice and fun effect. It's especially nice that it can be had for $160, too. I doubt I'd watch 2-hour movies with these, but for a nice gaming blast, the 3D glasses work well!


I don't even know where to get a 3D TV anymore, or if they're even available at retail. From what I've observed, they've disappeared at stores. So there's not much of a chance to try PS3 3D, other than this. I do believe that there were competing standards for 3D (ala VHS vs. Betamax) so not even each TV would work with movies from all studios (or ps3???).


I like the 3D stuff, and it's fun. I even like obscure stuff like the 3D glasses for the Sega Master System, or even the Atari ST computer (now that's OLD!!!) so I am happy to have this, although I understand why it wasn't a bigger hit than it was - it was simply too expensive and the effect (while interesting) just wasn't quite as immersive as the price would have made you think.


Is there even a *single* bit of 3D stuff on PS4, btw???




edit: One quirk about the PS3 was that the sound was "crackly" through this. Then I held the power button down for about 5 seconds and it reset something. Next time it came up, it asked me configuration questions, and then worked well. Prior to that procedure, the sound was crackly, and I thought the monitor (or my PS3) were defective. Then I took a HDMI DVD player and hooked it to the Playstation monitor and the sound was fine. Then I Googled that you should reset your PS3 to a new monitor with that power hold-down business. I barely know the PS3 system, or I might have known this. Just mentioning it for other PS3 newbies.....

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Apparently a lot of people had black screen problems with that TV when it was released. Let us know if that starts happening. Some people found various fixes for it on youtube. One fix I saw was just setting a couple of configurations on the TV and on the PS3.

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I have a 55 inch LG LED 3D TV... (holy crap that's a lot of acronyms)


I can second The Pinball Arcade and Zen Pinball both looking amazing in 3D.


Also good was:


Shadow of the Colossus HD.

Super Stardust HD

Crysis 1,2,3

Doom 3 BFG Edition


I don't have a single 3d movie though because I can't stand 3d movies for more than a few minutes.


Also the LG tv didn't require expensive glasses. It came with 6 glasses and in fact you could even use those "real 3d" glasses you get at the movie theatre.


There is even a mode that lets you use special gamer versions of the glasses so you can play two player games in a way that gives each player their own full screen view on the same display.


I'm pretty bummed the technology for gaming didn't really take off.


I really wanted to see a Burnout or Need For Speed game support 3D.

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I found it nauseating, for the most part. I think it would be more fun for movies, but even then, the glasses are not that comfortable.


I would say get a bigger TV without 3D or a projector screen if your room situation (size and amount of light) will allow for it.

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Apparently a lot of people had black screen problems with that TV when it was released. Let us know if that starts happening. Some people found various fixes for it on youtube. One fix I saw was just setting a couple of configurations on the TV and on the PS3.


Very true!!!


These are a flawed release, it seems. However, it seems that there is a fix - involving replacing an EPROM (or something) that overheats.


There appears to be a fix, and the center of the action seems to be Ontario, Canada.....




The "fixed" Ebay units (linked to, earlier) all seem to come from the same area. One can only hope a "refurbished" unit is indeed a "repaired" unit. I've had this sucker on for 3 days constantly, part-time gaming and the rest from the the cable box HDMI. It does get warm in the right rear, but it still works. I will probably put a small USB fan (or similar) to blow on it. You shouldn't have to do that, but this is a cheap ($130) and indeed *quality* (IF it continues to work) display.


I will, of course, report on failure.


edit: I was not even aware that Xbox 360 offered a bit of 3D gaming too, and it works with this display as it would a "standard" (rather than Playstation-branded) display. Can't wait to try that out. Is there any 3D gaming on PS4 or Xbone One?

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I bought the PS TV a month after it came out, paid the $499 for it, then 4 days later dropped to $299... ooops... Oh well, have had it for almost 3 years now and haven't had any issues, don't use the 3D a lot, but it's a nice TV for what it is. best game I played on it was Super Stardust HD, the 3D really makes a difference, it came with Motorstorm Apocalypse . watched Transformers Dark of the Moon and Resident Evil Afterlife in 3D, think the 3D would have been better if the TV was a bit bigger, the speakers do suck, and that horrible "woofer" in the back... had to buy a sound bar for it. if you buy a the newer PS3 Remote, it works. it's nice for regular TV/Gaming/Movies too. Just get a soundbar, or some speakers......

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