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So silent here :) new rom almost ready :)


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Its a bit to silent here......

Just wanna say, I am doing the final tests on a new rom, might finish it this weekend :) Look out for Coleco_Masters announcement :)


Colecovision Games in test:


C********** (MSX Conversion, with SGM sound support)

J******* (MSX Conversion, for SGM only)

S*** (MSX Conversion, might be SGM)




C + 10 stars could be Comic Bakery.

J + 7 stars, and S + 3 stars can I not guess.

Maybe J for Jumpman.



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If C + 10 stars is Comic Bakery, is it different that the 5 Prototype Carts (like the one on Ebay now for $399.00) or the same?

IIRC from another thread were this was discussed, there will be some differences. I think the thread in question was the 2014 release line-up for CollectorVision.

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