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4Anoid - Arkanoid conversion for the TI-99/4A


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My life is becoming slightly less hectic. I will be spending the next week up north and once I return I will be knocking a few remaining Server 2003 migrations out of the way and I will be back on my "game," so to speak. All the free time I bragged about a few months ago disappeared in a puff of smoke, but to be perfectly honest I would not have it any other way. I have a healthy baby grandson, healthy and happy daughter, and everything which accompanies (including a little drama, why not?)


Last year at the Faire I received a literally sobering phone call during the crawl. Afterward I got a lot of good support, encouragement, and good words from friends in attendance. This year I will be much less distracted and maybe, just maybe, I might even buy a few of the rounds.


Thanks to everyone.

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