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Bagman for colecovison


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I said it in the other thread about Robee Blaster and I'll say it again here... WOW!!! :lust:


What was that line in the movie Contact? Oh yeah, "Why build one when you can build two?". Developing two games simultaneously has to be quite the challenge, but it definetely looks like you are up to it. :thumbsup:

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I am very selective with which homebrews I end up buying. I have always LOVED bagman and wondered why it never got its due back in the day. Hell, I've never even seen it on a retro compilation! This looks amazing! Great job and I'll be there to purchase as soon as it's available.

There was a version of bagman for the color computer 2 called bag-it-man. This looks awesome and I will definitely get this.



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Bagitman was my favourite game on Commodore 64. :) I hope there will be an MSX conversion later... :) ;)


I know this is a minor thing, but I would like to know, that does the memory allow you to use two sprites for the wheelbarrow? I mean red sprite for the top part and the bottom part handles and wheel could be grey sprite. :) That wouldn´t increase sprite flicker at all and the wheelbarrow would then have two colours instead one. :) Just asking. :)

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Nope, only one sprite for whellbarrow, sorry :/

But as you can see on youtube videos, bagman and cops use two sprites

You can do multicolor sprites when using the F18A. You could detect if a F18A is present, and when available setup multicolor sprites.


Here's a demo by Matthew:


Check this thread for details:


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