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Season 12 Round 5 - Solar Jetman


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Welcome to round 5 of the 12th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!

This round ends on Sunday, November 23rd.


Title: Solar Jetman
Developer: Zippo Games / Rare
Publisher: Nintendo / Tradewest
Released: October 1990




Current Standings
1. DonPedro 69
2. darthkur 68
3. asponge 55
4. S.BAZ 50
5. Mangia-Boy 35
6. roadrunner 34
7. Jibbajaba 31
8. Lid 26
9. Ashkin2002 22
10. LarcenTyler 8
11. jblenkle 6

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yeah your spaceman can die once the ship is destroyed. if you play it really safe he shouldn't die much. at least in the 1st & second missions. I was playing too risky in the 2nd mission, I guess because it was taking way too long & the little guy is easier to control.


in 2nd mission my score was getting bigger than it did in the first, even though I spent most of my points after the 1st. so I think you score can keep building up & get pretty big.




good idea Capitan that makes sense

Edited by S.BAZ
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