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two-port 5200 video problem... help?


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5 hours ago, duckodb said:

Yes that’s the other 2. The 2 port came today and I hooked up and and so far it actually works fine, it’s in rougher shape , scratched up and the controller compartment door hinges are broke but it hasn’t froze up or had any weird graphics or sound yet. Isn’t that a daisy lol?A106688D-7203-44F7-978C-2AE7285357FC.thumb.jpeg.8ed062295a813f0a0bde94fc2cc7aec7.jpeg

Enjoy your new 2-port. And, if you ever think about hooking it up to a modern HDTV, you know, one with only HDMI inputs (as it seems that most newer ones only have HDMI inputs) and only digital tuning onboard then check out my video on a "little rose gold-colored box" that may do you a wealth of good for retro-gaming excitement on even the biggest of HD screens: :) 



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Well the new RF switch and the chips from best electronics came today so first I tried the RF switch outta curiosity and that wasn’t the problem. I put the new CPU in and I had the console on for about an hour and a half and no freezing. It’s obviously fixed so now I have a working 2 port and 4 port. I guess I’ll put the nicer looking 4 port in a box on a shelf so it stays looking nice. I appreciate the help with fixing it. 

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