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Dungeon Hunt – a new game for the Atari 8 Bit!


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I am now taking pre-orders for the Gold edition my latest game, Dungeon Hunt


Dungeon Hunt a single player game, styled after dungeon crawl type game such as Dungeon Master and Stonekeep. Dungeon Hunt uses a first person perspective display engine to navigate a large detailed 3D maze. Game play is fast and intense with dynamic action and many surprises!


Consisting of 12 different dungeons, 15 unique monsters, multiple weapons, power ups and traps, Dungeon Hunt will keep you entertained for hours.




This Limited Edition package includes:

  • Deluxe numbered box
  • Personalized copy of the game
  • Brand new 5 ¼ program diskette
  • Full colour manual signed by the authours
  • Custom keychain/flashlight (to help counter your sudden fear of the dark)
  • CD containing a Level Editor and a backup digital version
  • Cheat Code (just in case :))

Compatible with any 48K or greater Atari Home computer with a disk drive


$20.00 (USD) + shipping (I expect to ship by November 15th at the latest – I’m waiting on the promotional items)


Please PM me with your order - quantities are limited!




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- one for me please (location = Germany, slowest+cheapest mail prefered)


- can you / will you change the disk-label ? it would be great to have a colourfull printed label instead of that Athana one...


(Luckily we do not have to collect coloured spheres here, nor do we have to thow them in a certain order at the monsters.)

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- can you / will you change the disk-label ? it would be great to have a colourfull printed label instead of that Athana one...

Yes, please see more up-to-date packaging photo below


Is there music?

Sorry no music. However with the ambient noise, footsteps, monsters and accelerated heartbeat, you'd have trouble hearing it anyway... :)


Here is some demo:

Thank you, but that demo is somewhat out of date - I will be posting a current one in the next day or so



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See what happens when you offer a nice product at a decent price WITHOUT assuming everyone here is a dirty pirate? I hope you sell every copy you can make, and then make some more :)


Absolutely! This is exactly the kind of thing I find enjoyment in supporting the release, the author(s), and the community. And it looks fantastic too :D

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