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[INTYBASIC] Can anyone lead me to how to make an explosion sound ?


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Play around with the noise channel (SOUND 4). Try it mixed with other sound channels, and vary their pitches. You'll get all sorts of interesting effects.


To get something a bit more dynamic, like an explosion, you almost have to "script" a sound. So not just one noise value/tone. A quick and dirty way to start experimenting would be to write a FOR loop, and have the FOR variable affect the sound output. For example:


FOR i = 1 TO 200
SOUND 4,i%5,1

SOUND 2,500+i*5,15


SOUND 2,0,0 'don't forget to turn it off when done


This won't exactly make for a great explosion noise, but it should give you a basic idea of how you can modify the various parts of the PSG to make for more than just static noise/tones. It takes quite a lot of experimentation to get sounds the way you want them. What a lot of us have done is write demo sound generators that can be controlled on the fly, so you can make changes in realtime and see what effect they have on the output. There's a decent sound tool here: http://www.pixelkitchen.com/ryan/intellivision.html Or just edit-compile-run endlessly :)

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Another recommendation: Enable both tone and noise on the channel, and use a very low frequency tone. That's what I do for my explosions. It gives a much "grittier" explosion. I figured out that trick by watching what River Raid used for its impressive bridge-explosion sounds.


Straight-up white noise just doesn't pack as much punch.


In general, if you want to learn how other games make their sound effects, you might try firing up jzIntv's debugger and watching the writes to the sound registers. Sure, you'll need to pick apart what got written, but it's not that hard.

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