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SNES HSC Season 1 Round 4: Thanksgiving Multi-Cart


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For the alphabet contest this time, since this round will be during a holiday, it's a mutli cart round 2 weeks


This week will have 3 games.


First since the Detroit Lions always play football on Rhanksgiving, we have Tecmo Super Bowl I

Second, since other drivers on Thanksgiving make me want to swear, we actually have a game where the main character swears, Q-bert 3

Last, we have the infamous X game, X Kailber 2097






Notes: All games are at default, except Tecmo Super Bowl. This year the (Det) Lions play the (Chi) Bears. You must be one of those two teams, your opponent must be the other team. Choose any weather you want.


Deadline 12/8 12:00 PM EST.

Letters Done: CGHQTX


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Scores for round 4:

Tecmo Super Bowl

DonPedro +21 (28-7) 2 points

classicgamer_27330 -10 (7-17) 1 point

Q-bert 3

darthkur 46,570 4 points

classicgamer_27330 14,225 3 points

DonPedro 9,150 2 points

roadrunner 8,975 1 point

X-Kaliber 2097

DonPedro 1,060 3 points

roadrunner 1,040 2 points

classicgamer_27330 130 1 point

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