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The only UK based BBS?


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I have received yesterday Atari 1030 modem from ebay and I wanted to find out if it is still working. I must admit that I never had any modem back in 80's. It took me few hours to finally get it working. On internet I found a list of USA/Canada Dial-Up BBS's.



Modem BBS Name City ST Software TELNET
206-386-4199 Seattle Community Network Seattle WA Unix #
253-874-0946 Eighth Bit Federal Way WA Custom
256-886-7616 Sursum Corda! BBS Huntsville AL Maximus #
281-272-8162 Ye Olde Inn IV Houston TX Maximus #
301-949-5764 Idea Link Kensington MD PCBoard
303-679-0161 Empire of the Dragon BBS Evergreen CO Worldgroup #
330-548-2620 WABUSA Kent OH Virtual Adv #
337-984-4794 Positronium Repository Lafayette LA Wildcat #
401-949-0465 Fleet Headquarters Greenville RI Synchronet #
416-273-7230 Electronic Chicken BBS Toronto ON Synchronet #
502-875-8938 Capitol City Online Frankfort KY GT-2000 #
503-646-2407 Keep BBS Beaverton OR Worldgroup #
530-534-5329 TDEC West BBS Oroville CA Spitfire
602-955-4491 Heatwave BBS Phoenix AZ S&T TI-99/4A #
604-948-2580 Maria & Derek's BBS Delta BC RemoteAccess
613-392-8896 Lion's Den Trenton ON Synchronet #
623-907-2858 Realm of Darkness Phoenix AZ MBSE #
626-355-5347 Mysteria Tujunga CA BBBS #
717-664-3735 A Missing Chromosome Lancaster PA Mystic #
717-898-6309 Retrodome Manheim PA Renegade
718-448-9402 Hidden Reef Staten Is. NY S&T TI-99/4A
772-600-0562 Oldscol Hobe Sound FL Synchronet #
780-439-8364 Xanadu Edmonton AB Roboboard F/X #
787-434-6137 Efectolinux San Juan PR Synchronet #
856-933-7096 Christian Fellowship Mt. Ephriam NJ PCBoard #
919-774-5930 Waldo's Place USA Sanford NC RemoteAccess #
972-329-0781 Prison Board Mesquite TX Wildcat #
979-696-3600 Ziplog Public Port College Stn. TX Maximus
979-696-6352 Brazos Valley HUB College Stn. TX Maximus
Unfortunately there was not UK numbers on it :(
And than luckily I found http://www.incanus.demon.co.uk
Is Nostromo the only working UK Dial Up BBS?
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Didn't know there were ANY left. Back in the day, I used to run my parent's phone bill through the roof dialling around the UK. After you've pillaged the local BBSs for software, you need to cast your net further.


I used to DREAD the phone-bill coming in coz I just KNEW I was in for yet another ear-bashing. I'm sure they'd've taken my mode away from me if they could work out which bit of kit it actually was! :D

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Yes i know about the arcade bbs it runs on a acorn risc os computer from london its verry good there was a nather risc os bbs to

its the bbs.halium.com:23 i have dialed into that to. there is a youtube video of a dud dialing to to the arcade bbs with a amstrad CPC 64k

by dialup modem try to find it on youtube.


David B

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