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Are there going to be any Flashback 5 mods and/or Projects?

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I like to mess around with electronics and I have just about everything in my house modded.


Anyway, I just started to look into what is possible to do to the Flashback 5 Retro Console. I see a lot with the Flashback 2 and 3. I was hoping if anyone knew of any projects that are being developed or are "in the works" with the Flashback 5. I have a J-tag cable, couple of Android netbooks torn apart (including the card readers and USBs) and tons of computer and game console parts. I also know how to solder somewhat successfully.


If anyone knows of any links or topics I can go to, to do some modding to the Flashback 5, it would be greatly appreciated. And if this is the wrong place to post this or if I'm breaking any rules doing so, I apologize in advance. I'm new to the forums, but I have been coming to Atari Age for a while.


Thanks in advance for any future help!



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