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Jagulator with debugger


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Hi All,


I have heard about a Jagulator version with an integrated debugger. I've looked for it and was out of luck so far.

Do you know if such version exists and where it can be downloaded?


Also, I wanted to thank you for all the valuable informations you have put in this site over the years.

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Do you think we have a chance to see a tracing support in the future? I can serve as tester if it can help a little.

For the moment, I have only the emulator to check the .cof and no (serious) tools to debug yet. But I do not complain, the emulator is cool and this is just a hobby.


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It could probably be arranged, but with 3 CPUs + OP + blitter, it's going to be a bit complex. Right now there's a fair bit of hooks in the 68K emulation already (including a backtrace buffer), but there needs to be some put in for the RISCs as well. All doable, just need a hunk of time to devote to it. :P

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It seems like people are always requesting features they will never use.

to be honest, for me, if someone asks for something it would mean that it would be useful to them at that time. whether this is useful to them in the future who knows, but at that point it is.


features like you get in visual basic debugger so you can step through code individually with F8 would be very useful to me, and probably many others, but i dont expect that will ever happen in that way which is a shame but as with everything jaguar related, you take what you can get :)

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