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RAPTOR v2014.11.29


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Well, after nearly 4 years of procrastination, excitement, apathy and enthusiasm, here it finally is, as promised:


RAPTOR v2014.11.29


Included in the zipfile:



- RAPTOR default fonts (Thanks Atari ST ROM!)

- RAPTOR approved logos

- RAPTOR Manual (PDF)




- Multiple examples describing the functions starting with "Hello World" and ending with a full game

- Rocks Off! - Full source code for our game, converted to use the .O file


U235Se v0.21

- U-235 SoundEngine folder


The file is currently hosted on the D-Bug server, I'm hoping to update the Reboot website shortly. It's not uploaded here as the zip file is 21Mb and the maximum file size permitted on AA is 10Mb.


Maybe we should ask Albert for a sub-forum for RAPTOR?


Enjoy, and happy coding everyone! Early Merry Xmas from REBOOT.



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I just read the manual and looked at the examples.


Found even a typo in one of the example text comments :-)


But that nothing big ... I got 2 questions already.


1) The fonts that are used in Raptor are that the only fonts, or can custom fonts be made? When yes, can you tell me how you converted fonts to this BMP format.

2) Tiles support only supports 16 colors will a future release of Raptor support more colors in this function ?

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If you find any typos let me know and I'll fix them for the next release.


1. You can change the fonts - just replace the files in the fonts folder with your own BMP files. Make sure the characters are in the same position. Multiple fonts are stacked vertically above each other (Use the index value to select font)


2. Yes, probably.

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Would be nice to have a small program that converts fonts to bmp :-) but that's oke maybe people who make new fonts like to share them so you can add those to Raptor in the future..


That would be awesome, when tiles should have more colors...


small typo in _RAPAPP.S (I think it's in all _RAPPAPPS.S files)



raptor_first_map_object equ 0 ; Point RAPTOR to the first obejct of the map data

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One more question.


Setting video mode what does it do exactly?

I guess setting a display of the requested color depth and is 320x240 max ? Or is it possible with Raptor to display interlaced pictures in higher resolution ?


You can set the video pitch, but 240 lines is the max vertical. Interlace is not supported.


Hows about playing with what you have and learning to walk, or crawl, before attempting a marathon? :D

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Tech Ref v8 - Page 13


VARMOD Enables variable colour resolution mode. When this bit is set the
least significant bit of each word in the line buffer is used to
determine the colour coding scheme of the other 15 bits. If the bit
is clear the bits the word is treated as a CRY pixel. If the bit is set
then bits [1-5] are green, bits [6-10] are blue and bits [11-15] are
red. This mechanism allows JAGUAR to support an RGB window
against a CRY background for instance.
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just a question,

the x and y values don't match the values passed into d0 and d1, is this correct? slightly confusing if it is???



lea txt_hello_world,a0 ; point to a text string
move.l #20,d0 ; x=10
move.l #20,d1 ; y=10
moveq #0,d2 ; Font Size = 0 (8x8)
moveq #0,d3 ; Font Index = 0
jsr RAPTOR_print ; PRINT the string


i know the right info is a comment and doesn't matter, just wanted to be sure 20 is being passed not 20 but meaning 10

Edited by omf
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yep, it's a typo - will fix for next release.


If anyone spots anything else please let me know ;)

- Typo: 'obejct' comment replaced with 'object' in all example _rapapp.s files
- Typo: 'x=10 / y=10' comment fixed to say 'x=20 / y=20' in all example _rapapp.s files for the RAPTOR_print example.
- Typo: 'L7ZZ' replaced with 'LZ77' on page 46 of the manual.

Edited by CyranoJ
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