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7800 HSC Season 7 Game 12 (Donkey Kong)


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Mario Bros. on Atari system is my top favorite Nintendo game. The best platform to play this game is Atari 7800 because of nice graphics, more differentiated scoring, abscence of flickering (on Atari 2600 version, the presence of flickering makes this game awful to play) and coin phases which occur on Stages 3, 8, 13, 18, 23 etc. The players can stay on the top of POW and have more time to see and dodge, avoid or punch the fireballs.

Complementing my paragraph:

I feel more comfortable and relaxing when I play Mario Bros. on Atari 7800.

But when I play 2600 Mario Bros., the presence of flickering makes me more nervous, specially on later phases (fast fireballs).

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I feel playing NES and Atari both on emulation makes for a poor interpritation of what each games real feeling, in compared to the real hardware, for example... I don't find as much difference between systems, as I weould on a big TV screen Mario on NES vs Mario on 7800.

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DONKEY KONG: FINAL RESULTS = Winner Game 12: treismac tops oyama for the #1 Mario spot! Best Donkey Konger around these past two weeks!, close score to the record but Mord still holds on. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

High Scores


1. 106,900 treismac [+11]

2. 96,100 oyamafamily [+10]

3. 95,300 NIKON [+9]

4. 90,800 Darthkur [+8]

5. 71,500 12k [+7]

6. 63,900 atomickneedrop [+6]

7. 52,000 Gorfy [+5]

8. 51,800 Roadrunner [+4]

9. 44,900 LidLikesIntellivision [+3]

10. 42,800 Chuckwalla [+2]

11. 41,900 nosweargamer [+1]

12. 35,300 JacobZu7zu7 [+1]



NICE KONGAGE EVERYBODY! :thumbsup: :-D :grin: :D :thumbsup:

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