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Cubicle Chaos


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I've been working on this project for several weeks now with help by RevEng. It uses Atarius Maximus' Zelda engine example. You control a disgruntled worker whom invented a shoe cannon that shoots dry erase markers at co-workers and office equipment. Your score is in blue and your HP in red. If you get hit, your HP goes down and you get fired when it reaches zero. There are five floors (levels) and you'll need to find the boss somewhere to kick his butt. If you can find and shoot him, then you win the game.


The game is still kind of buggy as certain things flicker, other things like your HP goes up standing in one spot when there's nothing there, other objects refuse to disappear, etc. It was fun to make though.


One thing I've learned to accomplish is how to bankswitch in 128k and this project was a lesson in that. I've also created some box art if the game ever was going to be released on cart. Hope you enjoy!



Game file: cubicle.bas.a78



post-18158-0-37971400-1417668992_thumb.jpg post-18158-0-71558200-1417669002_thumb.jpg

post-18158-0-34507700-1417669017_thumb.jpg post-18158-0-33559100-1417669034_thumb.jpg


Box Art:


post-18158-0-50874300-1417669061_thumb.jpg post-18158-0-12226500-1417669076_thumb.jpg




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