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Harmony Cart Noob


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I was interested in purchasing the Harmony Cart.


Found a great site for a vast amount of roms. I've downloaded them onto my desktop (mac user) into a folder.


So from this point do I just drag the folder to my SD card, pop the SD card in the cart, and done? It is that easy?


Just wanted to make sure that was the process before I go forward with purchasing the cart.






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Thanks Thomas and Darrel,


Also Space Rocks looks great, looking forward to purchasing that homebrew.


Last question is can the rom names be renamed prior to opening them up on the cart on the VCS to play? I just want to rename some spelling mistakes I found in my roms.





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The Harmony cannot edit anything. So you have to rename them on your computer.


Also you should make sure that you copy them in alphabetical order, since the Harmony displays them in the order they were copied on the cart. Alternatively there are tools which can sort the files on the SD cart for you.

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By chance did you get THIS fine collection of 2600 roms? A very nice assortment with just about everything to get the most out of the Harmony cart in one go!




Thank you so much for this link; my girlfriend has strongly hinted at getting me a Harmony Encore for Christmas, and I was hoping something like this existed so I can have access to the entire commercial VCS library.

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